Updated MIPSR1 K24 non-ND based tomato?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by binarystar, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. binarystar

    binarystar Serious Server Member

    Hey, i'm probably posting for the small minority that still run a MIPSR1 based hardware
    Currently own wrt54gl and wrt54gs v1 with 32mb ram
    Frankly, i don't want to upgrade until i have to, but its seeming like i have to..

    Toastman builds thank goodness still make experimental(non tested builds?) that help users like me.
    However i noticed all there is are ND builds, which i can understand why. Very little drawbacks compared to the proprietary bcrm_24 driver. Most hardware supports it, and it has alot more features and is open source. So why even make non-ND builds? Well i'll try to explain why

    I'm not a guru like alot of devs/modders here; But the tomato 1.28(original) non-ND is stable and doesn't wreck my brothers laptop or have random disconnects. Plus it seems to be faster file sharing through the LAN. see here:

    http://www.victek.is-a-geek.com/tomatoes.html & scroll to bottom where the last RAF release for tommato (non ND) is guarenteed to be faster. Also confirming this speed issue is openwrt forum users that use the bcrm47xx (open source driver) are experience slower speeds then bcrm_24 (proprietary drivers)

    Now the only all the tomato (non-ND) version i've found (i've search them all) are all based on the 2.4.20 kernel. While i believe the latest is 2.4.37. As you're probably aware the original tomato last kernel version was 2.4.20. Here is where my knowledge about linux, compiles, and experience lack. I assume kernel 2.4.32 in comparison to 2.4.20 offers critical security patches (layer l7?). Also added on the fact of security/update patches to busybox and various other ulits that you guys have provided have made tomato a good router choice despite the original author leaving. I have tried openwrt, however that is too advanced for me, but i do see that their latest release (backfire) is a bcrm_24 branch. However for people that dredge the hours of command line and just want things to work with a nice web interface to manage things, this is a tough pill to swallow. gargoyle(openwrt variant that is jscript and easy for users like me) only makes it broadcom images based off bcrm47xx (open source driver). So there is little help there.

    So this is where i ask for your help, or guidance. I'll accept either.

    Could one of you guys, any just merge the old tomato git (non-ND) source with the new kernel (2.4.37) and busy box/etc. Yes i know you can't port it to K26 because of binary driver. Basically all i need a version of tomato like the 1.28 one with updated modules that assume will keep me protected for however long these devices have left.

    I am willing since i know this may take some time, to offer a donation. I can send someone paypal $5 or so. So shibby, toastman, etc could you please make a one time build for me? Or show me exactly what to remove from the source in order to compile such a thing? I know your/my build/compile will be very experimental. But i feel i have to do something. Otherwise i am going to have to set up openwrt and pray that it works. I know all of you have switched to RT-N or other stuff, so this would be like a code from the flashback and getting it to play nicely with old code. I don't need the advanced features, like speed mod, updated QOS, BW limiter. Just updated cmpts found in original tomato firmware without the ND craze.

    TLDR; Our of the kindness one ones work, could they please make a Tomato 1.28 (with updated 2.4.37 kernels and updated busybox) without the ND driver.
  2. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I simply use Teaman's build on some of my old hardware it works just fine ;)

    BTW: you might want to explore the possibility that wireless disconnections are due to an outdated wireless driver, there is an issue with broadcom and some intel wireless chipsets...
  3. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If you read carefully in the development history from Teddy Bear's threads, you will see that the wireless drivers were tied to the release number of the kernel. Thus it was not possible to simply upgrade the kernel. Rather, Teddy actually backported many things to the earlier kernel when he considered them useful. He continued the development of Tomato by doing the sensible thing - moving it to Kernel 2.6 which has now also been embraced by the OEM firmwares. That in itself was a huge amount of work and took him months to complete.

    The best way to look at it, is simply that the development of the K24 stuff is pretty much at an end, and it's time to move on. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the K24 branch up to date, some things have to be sacrificed. My last builds have the up to date QOS system, IP Traffic monitoring and stuff and probably I will not do much more with it now.

    Regarding wireless performance, all modders are currently using exactly the same wireless drivers, there is no difference between them, other than perhaps some default settings, user's own configuration and their "perceived" performance.
  4. binarystar

    binarystar Serious Server Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    @toast: i didn't know all that work had to be done, i can imagine only imagine the countless testing. Its good some people embrace pragmatism. I certainly didn't want to reverse a project that is advancing, but find a fix for my issues.

    @roadkill: I tried teamans builds and uname -a raveled his was based on 2.4.20. However... You have opened my brain to the idea that his drivers are out of date. I still need to test it, but may have solved my problem. Dell's stupid website list their Dell wireless 1397 (re-branded bcrm943xx). Dell only listed the 2008 drivers as the "latest" ones. However a quick search lead me to a near 2011 driver version. I already noticed a little better wireless strength. So here's to hoping, i'll see if this solves the random disconnect issue. I will report back when i find more on the issue

    I guess it doesn't help my laptop uses an intel centrino-6300 mimo. I am now going to use the ND version of shibbys because they seem slightly more stable (i assume) than toastman and see if i get random disconnects from hence forth. Well, maybe not me, but my brothers dell can see when he gets on, unless there are any recommended tools to stability test besides ping /t? I have noticed when using ND on the WRT54GL 1.1 that occasional lockups happen. I suppose cron and reboot every 2 days at of the week at night, should fix this. Thank you again for all the unamed devs >Teaman, Shibby, Toastman, Victek, SgtPepper, slodki, Teddy, Roadkill, and any others i failed to mention. I understand that must have been a big project i was requesting and i know devs don't eat for free, and can't just live off the community without support. Thanks for your mentioning of the drivers, i guess i never could see that being a culprit until now.
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