Usage of bandwidth on a wifi-router

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Ketama, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Ketama

    Ketama Network Guru Member

    Ok when we where brainstorming, about a thin-client project at one of our buildings. we want 30 clients running on 1 server.

    I already have some expirience with linksys - routers by connecting each other as Bridges and AP's but not for work clients.

    Anyhow there was someone who asked me how the bandwidth is handled by an linksys router (or any wifi router) :

    If I have 1 laptop connected to lets say, an wrt54g, and this router is connected with 100Mbit at the server. And I start using the connection in optimal mode, i guess i got 54Mbit for my use. Right?

    Now a seccond laptop connects to the router. Does he also has the complete bandwidth of 54 or is it 27Mbit. While windows say's it's signal strength is for 54Mbit?

    Or is the maximum then 50Mbit since the router cant handle more as 100 through the switcher port.?

    And to each other these laptops can they also work @ a speed of 54Mbit and real transfers running at that speed?

    In one line: The 54Mbit is that the maximum a wrt54G can suply to their clients or is it for each computer connected to the router.

    i GOT So many questions.

    Anyone got some information? Otherwise i have to make a lot of cable-lines to all over the building.

    Thank you.
  2. Toril

    Toril Network Guru Member

    I've seen before that wireless acts as a hub. In other words, bandwidth is split up amongst the users.

    I work in an office about about 50-60 people, plenty are on wireless. In fact, we just recently upgraded from a WAP11 to an WRT54G. Granted not everyone is on the wireless all at the same time, either.

    In most scenarios, the bottleneck will not be the wireless. 54mbit is definitely enough. We have only a T1 in our office, so 1.544mbit is our max internet connection. Take into consideration we could probably get 50 people on wireless all at once using it simultaneously, and they'd all get 1mbit... almost the max for the T1.
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