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USB sharing

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by alejandro_liu, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. alejandro_liu

    alejandro_liu Addicted to LI Member


    I haven't have time to work on my NAS-cc firmware, but recently came across two utilities that can be used to share USB devices over
    the network:

    USB/IP - an opensource project

    USB Redirector - free only for Linux

    Anybody care to bake this into one of the replacement NAS200 firmwares? I think Jac wanted to do something for his Jac5 release.
  2. jac_goudsmit

    jac_goudsmit Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I tinkered with USB redirector a long time ago, and I almost got it to work. I stopped working on it when I got the infamous "Cannot handle TLS data" error which I now know how to fix (see my JungleDisk thread and package). I haven't gotten back to it but I'm sure it's possible to get it to work.

    Unfortunately only the server part is free and only the kernel driver is open-source...

  3. alejandro_liu

    alejandro_liu Addicted to LI Member

    USB redirector is free now for Linux as a server and client.

    I was testing USB/IP, but would need to have a to switch to a newer kernel. I somehow managed to get it to build but it was quite unstable. (It would freeze the machine).

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