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Using hotspots, HELP?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by pauld, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. pauld

    pauld Addicted to LI Member

    HI! I am a little confused about hotspots. Do I need to dn chillispot or do I just confure it in the dd-wrt?

    Or should I use Sputnek express? I already tried to use spuknek but It does not redirect to the setup page as mentioned in the help files. I also tried to get registered in there forum but I get an error on there page when trying, Hrrrrr

    I have browsed there forum but the only thing I found closed to my error was to enable Auto-DHCP which I cannot as my provider uses PPPOE and I would not be able to connect at all.

    I am stuck. The only thing I managed to do so far is create an account at worldspot.net, other than that I have been reading around in circles for some reason, I did notices that alot of the docs are reffering to v23 and I have v24 SP2. Are there some docs that someone knows about for v24 sp2 and configuring hotspots? Because I there are many screen shots that I see that just dont match what I am seeing in my DD-WRT page.


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