Using WAP54G to Extend Broadband Access

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by GarethS, May 19, 2005.

  1. GarethS

    GarethS Network Guru Member

    Currently I have broadband internet through a Netgear 54G capable router/modem. My neighbour would like to share my connection as it is a pain to get Broadband connected in my area (and he work for BT anyway).

    Because he has a work PC that has wireless capability and a home desktop one of his colleagues suggested the WAP54G as a good way to expand the network.

    As I will be doing the set-up is it possible to use the RJ45 port on the WAP54G to connect direct to a PC? Would this need a crossover or parallel CAT5? Thirdly what mode do I need to be on? Gut feeling says AP Client Mode as I am using the RJ45 but someone else told me I want repeater mode.

    Finally can I still use 128 bit WEP? Both items of equipment (and the PCMCIA card) say they support the same protocol but I want to be certain.

    Thanks in advance for your time and answers. This is the UK version of the WAP54G.

    Edit: The broadband router in question apparently supports WPA-PSK if the WAP54G can support this in turn?
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    If you had an a WRT54G, WRT54GS or a WAP54G, I woukd suggest you use the WAP54G in bridge modem but there is no guarantee it would work with the Netgear, The WAP54G will support WPA-PSK in bridge and repeater mode with firmware version 2.08. You could try to setup bridge mode. The channel, SSID, and encryption will have to be set to match the router and saved. You have to set the WAP54G in bridge mode with the MAC address of the router and save the setting.
  3. GarethS

    GarethS Network Guru Member

    Thanks for that, I can get the MAC address for the ADSL router as I am quite familiar with it's web based operating system. I can probably configure the WAP54G on an adjacent PC before moving it next door so the settings should be easy to transfer.
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