Using WRT54GS with TIVO

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jdalton27, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. jdalton27

    jdalton27 Guest

    I have been trying to add my Series 2 TIVO to my wireless network.

    I have a Netgear DWL-122 which was recommended by the guys at TIVO. I cannot get it to connect to the router. They mentioned that I should try setting the router to B only mode. I have no idea how to do that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. anotherlab

    anotherlab Network Guru Member

    I have a couple of Series 2 Tivo's with wireless access on my WRT54GS network. I took a slightly different route than usual. Instead of using a USB wireless adapter, I used a Linksys USB Ethernet adapter (any of the Tivo approved ones should be fine) and connected that to a wireless bridge. It cost a bit more, but has worked flawlessly from day one.

    To make a short story long...
    Series 2 Tivo's have poor support 802.11g, I have have heard that it's no faster (if not slower) than it's 802.11b support. Tivo only has WEP support, you can't use WPA.

    I looked around and ended up with the SMC 2870W bridge. It gets great reception and supports WPA-PSK. It can use DHCP to get an IP address for itself from your router. You can login in through it's own http server and check the signal levels, see a wireless survey, etc. I like the things so much, I replaced a WUSB54G on my wife's PC with one.

    As far as the Tivo is concerned, it thinks it has a wired connection, the bridge is transparent to it. The Tivo can send data to it as as as it's USB port can handle it, the 802.11g protocol and WPA encryption have been offloaded to the bridge.

    With both Tivo's on their bridges, I can copy a show at high quality from one Tivo to the other in near real time.
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