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V2.3R63 and sleep mode of HD

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by RoMe0610, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. RoMe0610

    RoMe0610 Network Guru Member

    I recently upgraded my NLSU2 to R63 and - WHOW! - for the first time I can transfer 15 gigabyte of data (including a DVD ISO image) without loosing the connection... :D


    With R29 my Maxtor Onetouch (I) went to sleep mode when not used.
    With R63 I realized there is a disc access every 5 seconds or so, therefore the disc never goes to sleep mode.

    Does someone knows what causes this disc access and if there is any possibility to supress them.

    Ok, a minor problem, better a functional brick than a sleeping disc... :grin:


  2. BiffoTheBear

    BiffoTheBear Network Guru Member

    Interesting, I don't see this problem.

    What format are your disks?

    Both of mine are EXT3 and both go to sleep after a short period of inactivity.
  3. RoMe0610

    RoMe0610 Network Guru Member

    Sorry for my late response.

    Disk was formatted when I first installed the NLSU2 with r29, so it's EXT3.

    I didn't reformat the disc now with r63 and I don't know whether I's so brave... :eek:

  4. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    That really sounds encouraging! In that case I might upgrade next week or so as well when we have the very long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. For my NSLU2, the firmware V2.3R31 solved many problems. That's why I did not want to upgrade for a while. With Linksys you never know where a newer firmware version gets you... :eyebrow:

    Funny that you do not like that. I am using R31 as mentioned above and it goes to sleep after not accessing the disc for a while. Personally, I do not like that and want my Maxtor OneTouch to stay alive. That's why I created a scheduled task on one of my servers to copy a file every 5 minutes to make sure the drive stays awake. The benefit of doing so is that I can access my storage area any time I want without delay. In certain instances, I lost my connection to the NSLU2 and Windows XP would report 'network path not found'. There seems to be a timeout issue with mapped network shares in Windows XP and the NSLU2. That's why I created a sort of 'stay awake job'.

    One a personal note: I am from Salzburg, Austria, but my girlfriend is from Graz :wave: . I received my US citizenship a couple weeks ago and we now both live in California.

  5. dondd

    dondd LI Guru Member

    Roland, I have the same problem, same version. Did you ever get a fix for it?

    Thanks, dondd


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