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V23 vs Sipura 3000 - port 5060 not working

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by mvcalypso, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. mvcalypso

    mvcalypso Network Guru Member

    I have tried the following versions:
    V23 final 12-25-2006
    V23 SP1 1-27-2006
    V23 SP1 2-6-2006
    V23 SP1 2-9-2006
    V23 SP1 2-22-2006
    V23 SP1 2-23-2006 (2nd version that day)
    V23 SP1 3-11-2006

    all were V23 generic.

    All of these were on a WRT54G V3 (two different physical units)
    I have a Sipura 3000 VoIP adaptor - it uses port 5060 for SIP.
    On each version the mac address for the sipura is set to a static IP address via DHCPd

    On all these combinsation, the same problem occurs:
    The Sipura registration with the SIP server fails.

    On each version I have tried DMZ, port trigger, port forward and port range forward - the registation always fails.

    If I plug the sipura into a WRT54G running stock linksys firmware, or into a linksys RV082 - in both cases the Sipura immediately registers and works fine - this is w/o a reboot of the sipura - just moving the enet cable between boxes.

    Side note: on the 3-11-2006 version, it appears that static IP is not working - the sipura gets a dynamic address instead - but the registration failure is constant.

    I am out of ideas. I can not change the SIP port used as it is locked into the Sipura box by the VoIP provider.

    Anyone have a solution? :-?


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