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Verification Of My Wireless Network Design using 2 wrt54g bo

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sajbutler, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. sajbutler

    sajbutler Network Guru Member

    Hi There

    I have just moved into a new house and need to deploy a wireless network.
    My new place has two levels:
    - Ground Floor - Is where my phone line is. Plugged into this phone line will be my ADSL Modem/Router.
    - Upstairs - Is where my 2 PCs are.

    Laying cable between the floors is not an option, so therefore wireless is the way to go. I've had a look around and Linksys looks like a good brand to get - highly configurable, vibrant development community etc. I've browsed a lot of forums and sites on the web and I think what I need is 2 WRT54G routers to provide the wireless functionality that I need - one wrt54G connected to my ADSL Modem/Router downstairs and another WRT54G upstairs which my 2 PCs will connect to. I know that the wrt54gs are routers, but I understand that they can be configured to act as Access Points and perform bridging etc.
    Diagrammatically this can be represented as:

    |ADSL Modem/Router|--------|WRT54G|))))))((((((|WRT54G|-----|PCs x2|

    ----- Wired Connection
    )))((( Wireless Connection

    - The two wrt54Gs can create some kind of wireless bridge to provide wireless connectivity between upstairs and downstairs
    - That my laptop can still be able to wirelessly connect to at least one, if not both WRT54G boxes.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree here?
    Is the wrt54G appropriate for the above purpose?
    Has anyone gotten a similar configuration off the ground?
    Are there any HOWTOs or configuration guuides that I have somehow missed in researching this?

    Any comments would be appreciated before I go out and buy the kit!
  2. ricpac

    ricpac Network Guru Member

    2 WRT54Gs?

    are the computers upstairs desktops? if that's the case, having 2 WRT54Gs won't work. cos 1 WRT54G won't be able to connect wirelessly with another WRT54G. but i will be giving you options. if indeed both computers are desktops upstairs, you would need 1 WRT54G wired to the modem downstairs, and one WET54G or WET11 - a wireless Ethernet bridge connected to a switch connecting the 2 desktop computers upstairs.

    so here's how it would look like:
    ADSL modem---WRT54G ))) wireless ((( WET54G/WET11---switch---2 PCs

    remember 2 WRT54Gs would work if they're both wired to each other and that's not what you wanted to do right?

    BUT: if both of your computers upstairs have wireless capabilities, just go for a WRT54G-WAP54G combo! that way the WAP54G will act as a wireless repeater and that would also extend your wireless range without speed considerations! cos if you go for a WRT54G-WRE54G or that nifty little range expander, your wireless rage would be extended but your speed will be cut in half. did you get what i mean?
  3. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    You can do it, but you'll need to use third party firmware which supports WDS ;)
  4. sajbutler

    sajbutler Network Guru Member


    The computers upstairs are indeed desktops and are "wired" (ie. They both have ethernet NICs). They both run Linux, so I'm a little hesitant about getting wireless NICs for them, as it can be a bit of a headache getting wireless NICs up and running in Linux depending on the distro. But I digress...

    The use of a wireless ethernet bridge is looking like a promising solution at this stage. My "wired" ADSL modem/router currently has an inbuilt router in it, so I was thinking perhaps I could use a WAP54G downstairs instead of the WRT54G. Therefore the solution would look something like:
    ADSL modem/router---WAP54G ))) wireless ((( WET54G---switch---2 PCs

    My question about the above configuration would be whether a laptop could still wirelessly connect to the WAP54G when it has set up a wireless bridge with the WET54G?

    Again, thanks for your help

  5. sajbutler

    sajbutler Network Guru Member

    Hi TazUk

    Thanks for the confirming re: the use of the wrt54g wireless routers. just to clarify, you are saying that I could buy 2 wrt54g wireless routers, upgrade their firmwares using something like dd-wrt, and then be able to bridge my upstairs and downstairs networks together and still allow my wireless laptop to wireless connect to either?



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