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Verizon Router and Tomato router

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by alphatech, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. alphatech

    alphatech Connected Client Member

    Please help,
    I have verizon router configured with IP, subnet and gateway, DMZ Firewall disabled, no port forwarding.

    I have a netgear R7000 with Tomato, everything is working great other than the port forwarding. It seems that I can not reach the server anymore.

    Tomato is configured as follow:
    Type Static
    IP address
    MTU 1500
    Route Modem IP

    Lan IP range - 253
    Port forwarding as: On - TCP SCR Address blank Ext 8030 int 8030 int address
    Thanks for all your help.
  2. alphatech

    alphatech Connected Client Member

    Do you need more info, I would think it should be easy for you guys.
  3. ruggerof

    ruggerof Network Guru Member

    What do you mean by "I can not reach the server anymore" ?

    Furthermore: is "Gateway" a typo?

    Either way, try:

    In your R7000 with Tomato under Basic, WAN Settings:
    Type: Static.
    Wireless Client Mode: Disabled (if such option exists)
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    DNS Server: Manual
    DNS 1:
    DNS 2:
    MTU: Default 1500
    Route Modem IP:
  4. alphatech

    alphatech Connected Client Member

    Ruggerof, thanks for your reply. You have good eyes, I had to do I "find" to find that error in the gateway. You are correct, it is a typo, it should be
    The issue that I'm having is that I can not port forwarding anymore. When I try to reach my internal server using port forwarding from outside my network, I can not reach it. With only Verizon router I had port forwarding setup this way. 8016. I created the same rule in Tomato router but I can not reach it.
  5. Mr9v9

    Mr9v9 Serious Server Member

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