VLANing using Toastman as a switch.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by brooksaar, Jun 1, 2014.

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    So I probably got my terminology wrong, but anyway.

    I have a WRT54GL 1.1 with the latest Toastman, I'm using it as a wireless AP - I have the WAN disabled, and the WAN port bridging to the LAN (br0) ticked. I have br0 set up as, and I have br1 set up as Default gateway is, same with DNS.

    My gateway on has pfsense, which also has interface for VLAN10 on the same NIC (

    Now, I want to have a virtual wifi AP that will put all clients on VLAN10, and I want to have physical port 4 on the WRT54GL put whatever is connected on VLAN10 and phy ports 1-3 should have no VLAN. This should all just be passed through to my pfsense via the upstream link on the WAN port.

    My VLANs are currently configured like so (below), and wl0.1 (the virtual wifi) is bridged to br1. This is pretty broken.


    When I plug into port 3, I get no DHCP. I can manually assign an IP and then I can access but not upstream When I plug into port 4, I get no DHCP. I can manually assign an IP and then I can access, and I can access (another machine connected to VLAN10 interface on pfsense) but not (pfsense's VLAN10 interface IP) nor anything outside my network (ie. facebook.com). Connecting to the primary wifi (no VLAN, supposed to be on subnet) gets no DHCP, connecting to virtual wifi I get full connectivity.

    I don't have a managed switch or anything like that in between.

    Everything online seems to assume that the WRT54GL is being used for DHCP and WAN access, but on my network this is not the case. Some help would be appreciated :)
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