VLANs between WET200, WRV200, and RV042

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by jtimbr7546, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. jtimbr7546

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    I have a network setup of my "gateway" being a RV042, then (in router mode, primarily using it as a WAP) is the WRV200, connecting me to the internet is a WET200, which I have a VoIP adapter and my PC on. I wanted to make 2 seperate VLANs, one for data and one for voice. However, I cannot get the VLAN to go thru the whole way (IE. If i move the VoIP to a different VLAN, it cant get routed appropriately after the WRV200). Any ideas on how to acomplish this? I hope i explained it correctly. Thank you for any assistance.:confused:
  2. ifican

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    Can you explain this again? Your saying gateway is rv042 and then internet is connected to wet200. A little confused as to which side the internet is on. Also you need to tell us how it is all connected lan to lan, lan to wan etc and if you are running different ip schemes (which you would have to be if you are running the wrv in router mode).
  3. jtimbr7546

    jtimbr7546 LI Guru Member


    Ok I'll use realworld data..the chain goes like this: Internet<-->RV042(<->WRV200(, connected to port 1; all computers/internet devices access the internet via the WRV200 because I am using that as a wireless access point only. I am not using the WAN port in anyway. My WET200 obviously interfaces with the WRV200 via the radio. I am trying to understand the VLAN capabilities of this product because I wanted to use 2 seperate VLANs, one for data and one for voice traffic. Any ideas? thanks for your help and sorry for the delay in posting, ive been on vacation :)
  4. jtimbr7546

    jtimbr7546 LI Guru Member

    one mor ebit to add i forgot

    All the clients get their IP address assigned to them via the RV042 using DHCP.
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