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  1. Fornax

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    I'm in the process of setting up a VPN server on my WRT54GL with Shibby's 1.28. The goal is access to the local network for laptops from the Internet.

    I have a DHCP/DNS server on my internal network (not the router), and as such, I'm going with bridged VPN. I'm following this guide from the Common Topics sticky.

    My questions are regarding DHCP. First, on the stock Tomato firmware that I had previously (v1.23, I think?), there was a checkbox on the Basic->Network screen for disabling the DHCP server. That doesn't exist in the new Shibby firmware. I can see in the Status->Overview screen that it is disabled (I didn't clear NVRAM after the upgrade), but for future reference, where would I enable and configure it if I wanted to later?

    Second, I'm wondering about the "Client address pool" option in the VPN Tunneling->Basic screen. Is that only for the internal DHCP server? Thus, can I just not worry about that particular option in my situation?
  2. Malitiacurt

    Malitiacurt Networkin' Nut Member

    Basic > Network > LAN > br* > DHCP > Enabled/Disabled.

    The client address pool is if you want to manually give a set of ip ranges for openvpn clients, otherwise, just enable DHCP.
  3. Fornax

    Fornax Reformed Router Member

    Oh hell, I didn't even think to click that line. Heh. Thanks for that.
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