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VPN and PPTP on WRT54G Help

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by linki, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. linki

    linki Network Guru Member


    i am trying to make the VPN Server in the WRT going to work, but i cannt connect from XP, always getting errrors like 734, 736 and so on.
    Now i just copy my syslog hopefully somebody can help me:

    Daemon.Info pptpd[18361]: CTRL: Client control connection finished
    Daemon.Debug pptpd[18361]: CTRL: Closing child BCrelay with pid 18363
    Daemon.Info pppd[18362]: Exit.
    Daemon.Notice pppd[18362]: Connection terminated.
    Daemon.Error pptpd[18361]: CTRL: Ignored a SET LINK INFO packet with real ACCMs!
    Daemon.Warning pppd[18362]: peer refused to authenticate: terminating link
    Daemon.Warning pptpd[18361]: GRE: Discarding duplicate packet
    Daemon.Notice pppd[18362]: Connect: ppp1 <--> /dev/pts/1
    Daemon.Info pppd[18362]: Using interface ppp1
    Daemon.Notice pppd[18362]: pppd 2.4.2 started by root, uid 0
    Daemon.Debug pptpd[18363]: CTRL: pppdpid is 18362
    Daemon.Debug pptpd[18361]: CTRL: BCrelay incoming interface is br0
    Daemon.Info pptpd[18361]: CTRL: Starting call (launching pppd, opening GRE)
    Daemon.Info pptpd[18361]: CTRL: Client control connection started

    thanks a lot.

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