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VPN Linksys BEFVP41-Symantec SGS360R ?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by adamski74, May 31, 2005.

  1. adamski74

    adamski74 Network Guru Member

    I have in my company Symantec Gateway Security 360R. I must connect external
    office (network over vpn to sgs (local network In office I have Linksys router BEFVP41. How may I
    correctly setup router BEFVP41 (or SGS 360R)?
    In logs on SGS I have: "

    end of log
    VPN_test - Terminating connection
    VPN_test - Sending ISAKMP OAK INFO (Notification IKE SA)
    VPN_test - state transition function for STATE_QUICK_R0 failed.
    VPN_test - (null): NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN
    VPN_test - ERRno acceptable Proposal in IPSec SA
    VPN_test - STATE_MAIN_R3 sent MR3, ISAKMP SA established
    VPN_test - STATE_MAIN_R2: from STATE_MAIN_R1; sent MR2; expecting MI3
    VPN_test - STATE_MAIN_R1: from STATE_MAIN_R0; sent MR1; expecting MI2
    VPN_test - Responding to Main Mode from Remote Peer xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    start of log

    In Linksys log:
    2005-05-31 08:07:03
    2005-05-31 08:07:03 IKE[1] Tx >> MM_I1 : SA
    2005-05-31 08:07:03 IKE[1] Rx << MM_R1 : SA
    2005-05-31 08:07:03 IKE[1] ISAKMP SA CKI=[a153049e 5f5b6719] CKR=[6afe57b2 cd7d3460]
    2005-05-31 08:07:03 IKE[1] ISAKMP SA 3DES / MD5 / PreShared / MODP_1024 / 3600 sec (*3600 sec)
    2005-05-31 08:07:03 IKE[1] Tx >> MM_I2 : KE, NONCE
    2005-05-31 08:07:04 IKE[1] Rx << MM_R2 : KE, NONCE
    2005-05-31 08:07:04 IKE[1] Tx >> MM_I3 : ID, HASH

    What does mean?

    I tried config with enabled and disabled IPSec Passthrough, PPPOE, PPPTP, MD5, SHA and disabled PFS, without success.

    Has someone VPN Symantec 300'series - Linksys maybe?

    Best regards
    Adam Macholl

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