VPN Tunnel between WAG54G and Draytek Vigor 2600USB

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Networker, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Networker

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    I'm having no joy getting these two routers to connect an IPSec VPN tunnel between them. The Vigor is on a fixed IP and the WAG54G is on a dynamic IP. ( After trying "connect" from the WAG54G no details are recorded in the WAG54G log files.)

    The Vigor is the gateway to a main-office SBS2003 server, which sits in the perimeter zone between the Vigor and the internal network, with the SBS2003 providing DHCP and NAT. The WAG54G is the residential gateway to 2 local office PC's sitting on a peer-peer network. With the Vigor set to VPN Pass-thru I can connect to the SBS2003 server using client-based VPN but not router-router VPN. But this is not satisfactory as only one local-office PC can establish a VPN with the main-office server at any given time.

    Before I spend time posting details of the current settings attempted, does anyone out there have any experience of connecting these two routers in the circumstances described ?
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