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WAG 54G v2 - Computer.domain_not_set.invalid

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by CyberGastarbeiter, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. CyberGastarbeiter

    CyberGastarbeiter Network Guru Member

    I get this strange thing bellow when I type netstat in command prompt??
    Is it because I'm using DHCP and not static addresses for my 2 computers connected wifi to wag?

    Does this have any impact on my network traffic?
    If yes, can something be done?

    Computer.domain_not_set.invalid:4925 TIME_WAIT
    Computer.domain_not_set.invalid:4927 TIME_WAIT
    Computer.domain_not_set.invalid:4929 TIME_WAIT
    Computer.domain_not_set.invalid:4931 TIME_WAIT
    Computer.domain_not_set.invalid:4933 TIME_WAIT

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