WAG160N [V1.00.12] Reboot / Wireless Network Problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by sparky1240, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. sparky1240

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    Not sure if anyone is aware - but the WAG160N firmware v.12 seems to have created quite a kerfuffle.

    After upgrading it to V.12, the router reboots itself of its own accord after 2 -4 minutes of being powered up. If you disable the wireless there is no problems. So it's a known fault with the wireless side of things.
    I managed to get a little further, thanks to linksys live-support-chat.

    They suggested I change some 'Advance Wireless Settings', such that:

    Beacon Interval = 50.
    RTS Threshold = 2304.
    Fragmentation Threshold = 2304.

    Once saved, and the router rebooted, it seemed to function better. About an 8 hour up-time before it rebooted itself again.
    Problem was that wireless networking / browsing was noticeably slower (no surprise).
    My only other options were to try roll it back to v.10 (out of box firmware), or - what I'm doing now - Disable the onboard wireless, and use an Access Point plugged into the WAG.

    Is there any linux distro that's been used on the WRT's that is known to work with this? Or does anyone have a version of the v.10 Firmware available for download?

  2. Wolfie_TH

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