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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by apekool404, Dec 17, 2008.

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    Hi, I've got a WAG160N ADSL2+ (Annex B) and noticed that wireless throughput on my wireless b/g clients is horribly low. When connecting through a wired port, I get a download speed of around 8-12 Mbit/s, which is pretty much what my ADSL connection can give me at the moment.

    When I try to download anything through a wireless connection, however, throughput slows down to a paltry 400-600 Kbit/s. Checking the status of the network, there does not seem to be any interference worth noting (I changed channels multiple times, and am now on channel 7, which has no interference from other base stations), and my laptops (both Mac & Linux) report a healthy 54Mbit/s wireless link.

    Is there anything in the WAG160N that I can tune to get a better throughput on my wireless link?

    I've tried turning off WMM and No ACK in QoS settings, but that didn't make any difference.

    I'm using WPA2-Personal for authentication, and haven't tried going to open or WEP, but I'm not really willing to, either.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    -- Steven
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