WAG200G: fried by lightning?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by DrLex, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. DrLex

    DrLex LI Guru Member

    Lightning struck today (probably on our very building) and it seems that the ethernet switch built into our WAG200G has been fried. All ethernet LEDs are lit continuously even with no cables plugged in, and ethernet doesn't work at all. Wifi still works, it appears to be just the ethernet switch that's dead.
    Is there any chance of fixing this? Of course I already tried rebooting, unplugging the power and all cables, pressing the reset button (which appears to do nothing at all)... But no effect. I don't really dare to re-flash the firmware through wifi, because if anything fails the modem will be bricked for good.

    I'm the kind of crazy person who's not afraid to grab a soldering iron and try to hack something before finally throwing it away. I reckon it may be possible to bypass the switch and connect the internal ethernet to one of the ports, so an external switch can be hooked up. If anyone has a clue how to do this, hints are welcome :cool:
  2. DrLex

    DrLex LI Guru Member

    Never mind, I traced down the defect to a short circuit in the chip which controls the ethernet switch, so this thing is toast. Finding a way to bypass the switch is too much effort and probably even impossible. Maybe I can sell it to someone who only needs wifi...
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