WAg200G - New official firmware 1.01.09

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by bovirus, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. bovirus

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    Linksys release new official firmware 1.01.09 based on beta 1.01.08(3)

    Firmware 1.01.09: http://downloads.linksysbycisco.com/downloads/WAG200Gv1-EU-AnnexA-ETSI-ML-1.01.09-code.zip

    It's available also tthe source code of 1.01.09

    Source code 1.01.09: http://downloads.linksysbycisco.com/downloads/wag200g_v1.01.09_eu.tar.gz

    Linksys 1.01.09 Changelog (vs 1.01.06)
    Revision history
    SW version:1.01.09
    Release Date: 06/13/2008
    Based on: 1.01.08(03)
    1. Same as 1.01.08(03) but version updated to 1.01.09.

    SW version:1.01.08(03)
    Release Date: 05/23/2008
    Based on: 1.01.08(02)
    1. Fix When WAN is PPPoA and ATM QoS is VBR, then no access to GUI after DSL link is up.
    2. Fix Make WAG200G receives 8 PADOs from network side, and check PPP connection comes up. It fails.
    3. Fix Run setup wizard to configure DUT cause DUT can't get DNS in Status.htm.

    SW version:1.01.08(02)
    Release Date: 04/24/2008
    Based on: 1.01.08
    1. Fix GUI Setup_DDNS.htm show incorrect;
    2. Fix ARP reply packet include pppoe information;
    3. Update DSL datapump to 7.04.03.

    SW version:1.01.08
    Release Date: 04/02/2008
    Based on: 1.01.07
    1. Fix pvc auto detect not working;
    2. Fix Multicasting not working at LAN side after a few minutes later;
    3. Fix GUI Status>DSL Connection page shows always MultiMode in DSL Modulation Mode.

    SW version:1.01.07
    Release Date: 03/20/2008
    Based on: 1.01.06
    1. Support ADSL2-Annex-L and Add ADSL2-Annex-L select in all language GUI;
    2. DSL Datapump update to version;
    3. Support Annex M.
    4. Fix VPN passthrough ipsec response packet force port 500.
    5. Fix when NAT & Firewall are disabled,can’t access from WAN side to LAN pc issue..
    Inzoo Lee’mail about“Description: Though NAT and Firewall are disabled, there is no access from WAN side to LAN pc.( 2007-12-21)
    Steps to reproduce:
    do factory default
    set wan to PPPoA, and put correct credentials. get WAN interface up.
    Disable NAT in advanced routing, and Firewall protection in Security>Firewall. Also uncheck 'block anonymous internet requests'.
    put static route on WAN router(PPP server), so that WAN PC(or WAN router) can access local network which is behind WAG200G.
    Ping from WAN to LAN PC.
    Ping doesn't work.
    I tried to access other services(HTTP, FTP etc) from WAN to LAN, but no access.
    When pactured packet on WAN side, packets are NATed correctly. But WAG200G still blocks all the service requests from WAN side.
    If port forwarding is enabled, then service(ftp, http) works.â€
    6. Fix Heavy UDP traffic causes WAN connection disconnected issue.
    Inzoo Lee’mail about“After WAN is up, over-subscribe traffic.( for example 2M for up stream for 8M/1M DSL connection. WAN goes down as WAG210G doesn't receive Echo reply for more than 3 times.â€


    This is the mod fw (based on official Linksys 1.01.09) with telnet active by default (without debug link). Sugegsted !!!!!

    WAG200G - Firmware mod 1.01.09 telnet active


    It's also available the .9.1 Release Candidate (Annex A) for Woytekm fw

    Woytekm0.9.1 RC: http://www.sendspace.com/file/to9xsv

    Changelog: fix for MySetup.cgi blank page, and some minor fixes for static DHCP assignment problems.
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    I'm still test it
  3. Mothersh1p

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  4. bovirus

    bovirus LI Guru Member

    Your firmware is based on official 1.01.06 that doesn't have all fixes intriduced with 1.01.09.

    This is the mod fw (based on official Linksys 1.01.09) with telnet active by default (without debug link)

    WAG200G - Firmware mod 1.01.09 telnet active
  5. smartcard

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  6. Mothersh1p

    Mothersh1p Addicted to LI Member

    It's there. Just follow the link!?
  7. smartcard

    smartcard LI Guru Member

    Thanks, I applied your driver. DSL connects but not connecting to ISP.
  8. bovirus

    bovirus LI Guru Member

    Check the PPOE / PPOA settings.
    Disable Auto for MTU and apply the right value (1492 PPPOA - 1500 PPOE)
  9. bovirus

    bovirus LI Guru Member

    Added in first post the Changelog (vs. official 1.01.06)
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