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Wag300n Issues When Using Cisco Vpn Client

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minbin72, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Minbin72

    Minbin72 LI Guru Member

    Hi All....I hope someone can help...I have a WAG300N at firmware version 1.01.05 and I have 1 pc running xp and a laptop running vista and I can not get the Cisco VPN on them to work....I believe there is an issue with the linksys router when connecting to cisco vpn. I can ping the remote address I am trying to get to but with the XP pc the VPN client trys to connect to the secuirty gateway and then just drops and said not connected and with the Vista laptop it trys as well to connect to the security gateway but it comes back with secure VPN connection terminated locally by the client. Reason 412: The remote peer is no longer responding. I have tried the Linksys chat support and they can't help...Hope someone out there can :)

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