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WAG354G & extra latency after heating up

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by LinkPiss, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. LinkPiss

    LinkPiss Network Guru Member

    Hi, any one game on WAG354G?
    I just bought one & it worked fine except after awhile of downloading uptime, the modem seems to add extra latency even after I stop or hardboot it. I think when it heats up it ads 15-25ms latency which is annoying if you game:\
    I have reverted to my old wag54g 1.2, which has a broken wireless.(I tried to return it long time ago but support skipped replying to my emails after I demanded a replace)

    any one notice this? can it be fixed? or is mine defected?
  2. calum

    calum Network Guru Member

    Think yourself lucky you can game with it at all... darn thing still won't work with a PS2 :/
  3. LinkPiss

    LinkPiss Network Guru Member

    Did you try manualy entering IP & gateway instead of letting dhcp acquire one?
    I had the same problem on a different router. I just entered every thing manually & it worked
    Try entering DNS as well;)
    Hope that helps:p
  4. calum

    calum Network Guru Member

    Yes, always use static IPs so I can put my PS2 in the DMZ. Linksys finally admitted that it's a known problem with the WAG354G; it works fine with games that don't use Sony's servers, but won't authenticate with those that do.

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