Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by deedee, May 5, 2005.

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    I am having a so called issue but i know the problem is really me cuz i dont know what to do... Ok i got BT to install an adsl connection and want to share it on my network throw my already exsisting linksys wired router (BEFSR81 v3)... Problem was that they gave me a usb speedtouch modem... I needed a ethernet connection to plug into (BEFSR81)... So i went to my local PC World and bought a WAG54G as i might like to get in to a bit of wireless when we purchase some new laptops...

    THE Problem

    I have 6 PC so the WAG54G's 4 port built in router wont be suffice... I thought i could just configure the WAG54G and just plug it in to the BEFSR81's internet port...

    The INFO

    The WAG54G is connecting no problem to the internet when plugged into a single machine and its router is working too..

    The BEFSR81 sees the WAG54G's ip and gateway etc but i cant connect to the internet via my network when the WAG54G is plugged to the BEFSR81..


    Could someone explain to me in layman terms what i am doing wrong... A little information is all i need to get back on track...

    Thanks all PS great board...
  2. dribble

    dribble Network Guru Member

    Sounds good, perhaps more info required?

    Hi M8y

    could you tell us what the IP addressing is on each of the devices?


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