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WAG54G Disconnect Problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by TestReg, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. TestReg

    TestReg LI Guru Member


    I have a WAG54G V1.2 which for the most part works okay. However,
    when using it with a Centrino based laptop, the wireless
    connection dies totally requiring the router to be restarted.
    Can this be fixed with a firmware upgrade? If so,
    which one and where can I get it?


    SysInfo.htm gives me this

    Model Name:WAG54G
    Firmware Version:1.02.1, Apr 27 2004
    Boot Version:1.4

    RF Status:Enabled
    RF Firmware Version:
    RF Domain:Most of Europe/Australia (Channel 1 ~ 13)
    RF channel:2
  2. erjee56

    erjee56 Guest


    I have had the same problem. I called the linksys support desk and after some test, i got a new modem. It is at linksys a known problem of connection losses.

    So good luck with it.

    There is a 3 year warranty on the linksys product
  3. pasquiNello

    pasquiNello LI Guru Member

    Hi, i have same router :wink:
    fix the problem with this Firmware
  4. TestReg

    TestReg LI Guru Member

    WAG54G V1.20 1.03.1_beta1


    Thanks for that. The links to the WAG54G V1.20 1.03.1_beta1
    firmware don't seem to work. Can I get this somewhere else?

  5. pasquiNello

    pasquiNello LI Guru Member

    You have a private message :biggrin:
  6. TestReg

    TestReg LI Guru Member

    WAG54G V1.20 1.03.1_beta1


    I've upgraded to WAG54G V1.20 1.03.1_beta1 and it seems
    to work in that wireless internet is okay, but now
    I can't access any of the admin pages on the router. Am I
    missing something or should I downgrade to an earlier firmware
    (which one?).

  7. Neo_Giles24285

    Neo_Giles24285 LI Guru Member

    i use version 1.02.7 on my wag and have adjusted the settings and its stable as anything.

    beacon interval = 50
    fragmentation threshold = 2304
    RTS threshold = 2304

    using wpa-tkip sercurity and have dhcp on and works fine

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