WAG54G Improved firewall in firmware 1.02.7?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by babanetcom, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. babanetcom

    babanetcom Network Guru Member

    I had some problems in the past days (see WAG54G continously reboots thread) and I had to upgrade to the last firmware version (1.02.7). I noticed that something has been added but I also found that irc clients (I tried mirc, virc and kvirc) have big problems (ping timeout). Only XChat-2 let me be connected without often disconnect.
    So I tried to turn off "WAN request" but nothing happened. Only when I set "Firewall Protection" to "Disabled" I could use mirc as well as before upgrading.
    Since I use the same configuration as before, I can affirm that the new firmware changes something in the firewall protection, and now, if I want to use mirc, I have to disable it.
    Does anyone know if something has been improved in firewall protection within the new firmware 1.02.7?
    Is there a way to make mirc works with firewall protection enabled? :?:
  2. Bobo

    Bobo Network Guru Member

    I have just installed firmware 1.02.7 which seems to work fine. I have completely reset the box. I have also switched BACK on the firewall. This is working fine now. This was NOT the case with the previous firmware 1.02.5. Since I've installed that version I had to switch of the firewall completely. Now it's running fine with the 7 version.

    Although: so far so good since it's just an hour ago I have installed it.
  3. babanetcom

    babanetcom Network Guru Member

    what about irc? do you have problems when connecting with firewall on?
  4. babanetcom

    babanetcom Network Guru Member

    I'm still having this problem, but I found out that not all the irc clients are affected; for example, mirc and visual irc disconnect, but xchat and hydrairc don't. I can't understand why and this is driving me mad! :evil: :cry:
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