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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Wizzo, May 12, 2005.

  1. Wizzo

    Wizzo Network Guru Member

    I have a wag54g ver 1.2 firmware 1.02.1

    I have 2 computers on my network, 1 hard wired the other wireless.

    I want to set them up so when they connect to the gateway they keep the same network ip address all the time.

    At the moment the first computer to connect gets the lowest ip number, but i want it to always have the same ip no matter when it connects or how many computers connect to my network.

    How do i set that up if it can be done.

  2. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    In network connxion, edit tcpip setting and use fix ip address

    Setup fix ip address and

    Setup network mask to

    Setup gateway to

    Look to status ppage of the wag and note you isp DNS server address and setup the dns server with this address ( If not done you'll get the access to the WAG but not to internet
  3. Wizzo

    Wizzo Network Guru Member


    Will give it a try over the weekend.

    Does anyone know how to do the same on a mac laptop

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