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WAG54G Red Power+Internet and Green DSL

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by aGoGo, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. aGoGo

    aGoGo LI Guru Member

    Hello everyone,
    Suddenly my WAG54G didn't like to boot,
    i get a solid red power and internet led and green dsl led. (No blinking)
    i can't ping it, telnet or do anything to reach it.
    i tried resetting but still nothing changes.
    any ideas, suggestion?
  2. aGoGo

    aGoGo LI Guru Member

  3. Frans B

    Frans B LI Guru Member

    I was having big problems with this router. After I replaced the cap's it was ok.
  4. knolselder

    knolselder Guest

    same here, i have also replaced the caps.
    The problem was that only the wireless side was working like it should.
    you can try to connect to it with a lower fixed speed like 10mb / half duplex.
    that worked with me, but after a time the caps where so bad that this didn't worked anymore...
  5. Neo_Giles24285

    Neo_Giles24285 LI Guru Member

    can either of you contact me with reference to the cap replacement as i have a wag sat here that i'd like to do it on, and need info on the relevant caps and which are needed replacing.

    also sounds like a dead wag, have you tried a factory reset and the tftp firmware tools?
  6. dotwin

    dotwin LI Guru Member

  7. Neo_Giles24285

    Neo_Giles24285 LI Guru Member

    erm the pic in the links keeps changing and hasn't once been a wag board lol

    could someone email me the pic to Neo@nottscruisers.com also if a guide of what caps do what was included it'd be a great halp and i'd happily write up a step by step guide to sorting this and hosting it, as it'd help alot of peeps

    Cheers For sorting The Link dotwin, caps on order :D

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