WAG54G v2 firmware with telnet

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jiauka, May 18, 2005.

  1. jiauka

    jiauka Network Guru Member

  2. DeBois

    DeBois Network Guru Member

    Hi Jiauka,
    I would like to try this firmware but I couldn't download it from your link. It was too slow and I got connection time out. Could you please email me instead ?

    Also, can I flash my router using this firmware by the flashing firmware page on the router website directly OR do I have to go through boot_wait/tftp process.

    I would like to telnet in and try to run wl to increase the power of the router. Currently it barely covers the area that I want to use the internet

    Thanks to you and Wickus.
  3. Wickus

    Wickus Network Guru Member


    Hi DeBois

    I will message u the details of where u can download the image jiauka made.

    Also i didn't see any binary called wl on the routers.

    But try the image and see if i can telnet onto the box. Browse around and see if u can set the wl.


  4. DeBois

    DeBois Network Guru Member

    Hi Wickus and Jiauka,
    Thanks for the firmware with telnet. I had sometime last night to play with it so I flash my WAG54GV2 with it and gave it a try. It works well on mine.

    Wickus, you are right. I browsed around and couldn't find the wl binary anywhere. Probably Linksys didn't include this in WAG like those WAP and WRT.

    My questions are
    - Can we just find this wl binary from WRT or WAP and put it in this WAG before compile the firmware and flash to the router?
    - Or do we have to get the source code of this wl and compile it at the same time we compile this firmware? (I don't quite understand the process on how to put other binary or package to the router)
    - If we can put this wl in the router, will it work with this WAG ? I just guess that it might have the same wireless hardware with WRT and WAP and we probably can you the same wireless utilities ?
    - Maybe it is easier to add an external antenna to increase the power of this WAG. I am trying to make an adapter and connect to the board so I can use the external adapter.

    Thanks to everybody in this forum for the knowledge. I am just a normal Linux user and had setup Fedora Core 3 on my old machine to learn to compile firmware. Just hope that I can modify and improve some functionality of this crappy WAG.

  5. charchabil

    charchabil Network Guru Member


    What is the firmware version of it. I have WAG54G V2 EU AnnexA; can I use your file to upgrade it.

  6. st0ned

    st0ned Network Guru Member

    Let us know how you go with this... I'm also not too impressed with the wifi range and strength of this router.. I was thinking about cutting off the existing antenna and replacing it with a TNC connector which would allow me to attach the linksys high gain antenna.
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