WAG54gs stops working after 24hours with torrent connections

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by john2611, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. john2611

    john2611 Guest

    I have a wierd problem with my wag54gs. I just have it for a few weks and I can't fix the problem and Linksys support is saying thats my problem is not the router but the torrent connections that kills the router/connection.
    I use the router for web,FTP, Edonkey and torrent.
    When I disabled the torrent application then the router works fine and longer then 24hours.
    But when I enable torrent the router "crashes" after 24hours. The webinterface is not working, internet connection lost but DSL and line sync leds still ON, DHCP doesn't work any more but the systeems that have got an IP before crash keeps their IP adres and the internal network is still operational.
    The ports of torrent are opened in the port range forwarding and port range triggering tab and nothing else. I also tried it with both separate but no luck.

    Does any one here on the forum can help me to keep the router UP and running after 24hours?
    I already reduced the speeds on torrent and also connections
    Up max 3kbs
    down max 45kbs
    5 connections per torrent
    1 max upload per torrent
  2. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    You may need to set the UDP/TCP connection timeouts to lower values, and decrease the maximum connections allowed via the WAG. I don't know the WAG, so I have no idea where you could adjust those values, but it's probably somewhere near the firewall settings.

    The usual case with these things is that it is the UNconnected/unused torrent connections that eats away at your routers resources, because the WAG remembers unsuccessful connections for too long.

    If you can't find a place to adjust this on the WAG:
    Reducing the up/download speed would not help.
    Reducing the number of connections per torrent, and the number of torrents running, may help.
  3. nukemonk

    nukemonk Guest

    At this moment i have got the same problem... When its idle or when im only surfing on the net its working great. But... when i start downloading (so when its starts using cpu) it become very hot. Almost like burn your finger hot! First the DHCP doesn't do anything anymore.. And after a while there's no internet connection. So i guess the problem would be the heat. Im trying to build something that cools the router. But still... im downloading with 20 m/bits p/s.. So its a lot more then 45 kb/s... But maybe this will be of help
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