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WAG54GX2 Annex B no remote managment?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jeroendg, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. jeroendg

    jeroendg Network Guru Member

    I enabled remote management on port 8080 but if I tried to acces the WAG54GX2 true a browser from the internet I almost immidiately get a server error and no connection. What am I doing wrong?

    Can I also config that only one, or a few, trusted/secure ip addresses get acces to remote management?
  2. jeroendg

    jeroendg Network Guru Member

    Suggestions are still welcome!

    But I might have find the answer myself. It seems like you have to use a secure connection so instead of using http://82.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080 you need to use https://82.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080

    I will try it tommorow from my work :thumb:
  3. jeroendg

    jeroendg Network Guru Member

    Tried https (secure) Remote Management today from the office and it works! :cheering:

    I still would like to configure that only a few IP addresses are capable to do Remote Management. :(

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