Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by rvision, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member

    Just thought id drop a little note about SRX..

    I have been playing with wifi for almost 4 years now and I am blown away with the performance of SRX.

    I have just installed a pcmcia SRX adapter on my laptop (WPC54GX) and the connection with my standard Wag54G in the loft was improved 2xs as strong in my downstairs kitchen.. This was travelling through a number of walls and one floor. I even picked up my neighbours wifi router that normally I can only get when im at the end of the garden lol.. A normal AP in my room it disconnects at 1/2 bars but this SRX model has a constant 4 bars at 54mb :)

    Anyhow my next test will be tomorrow when I visit a client site, for who I installed a SRX WAG54GX2 router last week. see how well they work together..

    very impressed linksys.. well done..

    When buying a new Access Point for any purpose even when you have a standard wifi router go for an SRX model..WOW
  2. freesailor

    freesailor Network Guru Member

    Does it exist a "WAG35GX2" Linksys product?
    I am aware of WAG54GX2 (ADSL gateway) and WRT54GX2 (router), never heard of WAG35GX2 ... :???:
  3. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member

    typo sorry WAG54GX2
  4. freesailor

    freesailor Network Guru Member

    WAG54GX2 + WPC54GX seemed to me the most interesting Wi-Fi ADSL gateway platform, happy to hear they work really fine!

    My next buy, quite soon! :)

    Thanks for the info.
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