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WANTED: Web interface developers

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by __nbd, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member


    as you know, OpenWrt has always lacked a proper web interface for configuring all those settings. I intend to change that - that's why I've started to work on a new modular web interface that - I hope - will be ready for the next release candidate of OpenWrt 'White Russian' and eventually for our 1.0 release. It is written completely in Shell+AWK and uses Haserl for form processing. It's nowhere near feature complete (but some things like basic wireless settings, firmware upgrade and an ipkg interface do work), that's why I need your help. If you've got some basic skills in HTML, shell and OpenWrt, please have a look at the thing.
    I keep an updated snapshot at http://openwrt.inf.fh-brs.de/~nbd/webif-test_1.ipk. If you want to send me patches or have questions about the interface, please talk to me via IRC (nbd in #wrt54g on irc.freenode.net) or mail me: openwrt <at> nbd.name

    Have fun

    - nbd

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