WAP11 range problem.. sorta.

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by DingoBoy, May 17, 2005.

  1. DingoBoy

    DingoBoy Guest

    Hello all, here's a fun question... company I work for wants to put a guy on a laptop in the building next to theirs. They already have a wap11 and a wusb11 set up in the main building. Here's the catch... There are 4 wooden office walls and aluminum siding on the main building, and the second building is made of cinderblocks, but atleast only one wall thick =P Any suggestions?
  2. davidsonf

    davidsonf Network Guru Member

    It isn't going through those walls!

    You'll need to either put antennas in facing windows, or arrange for external antennas. Keep in mind that even the best "low loss" transmission line has significant loss at longer lengths, so if it comes to that, both the best you can buy and the shortest run are essential. Half inch or larger semi-rigid coax... and even then don't be thinking more than 15-20 feet at the most. Otherwise, put the radio outside too, in an appropriate box, and feed it with CAT5 instead.
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