wap54g as client mode

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by looloo, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. looloo

    looloo Network Guru Member

    Can wap54g access point configure as client mode?
    What is the operation of range of wap54g
    Are Linksys wap54g access point better or equal to d-link DWL2100AP?

    A thousand thank to anyone could advice me
  2. netphreak

    netphreak Network Guru Member

    Sorry, I'm quite a newbie, but I'll try my best:

    1: Yes, there is a client mode feature on WAP54G. But it can only connect to another Linksysproduct, like another WAP54G or a WRT54G.

    2: The operating range? Do you mean how far a distance you can send/receive signals? If so, it depends if you have external antennas or not, or if it's free view or inside a building with heavy construction walls... As far as I've read in reviews, the range should be quite good compared to similar products by other companies.

    3: "Are Linksys wap54g access point better or equal to d-link DWL2100AP?" Sorry, haven't tested this accesspoint...

    Advice: Stay away from WAP54G! Buy WRT54G inststead! Simply because they are so much more popular, you'll get much more help on forums etc. if you need it.... And there are lots of 3rd. party firmware development going on. Besides, they are about the same price, and you can set up WRT54G as AP as well :) Ask me if I regret that I bought two WAP54G - I have major problems getting them to run in a stable base to client mode, and no one in the whole world seems to be able to help (This thread).
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