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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by elmonty, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. elmonty

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    I have a wired network using an SMG Barricade router. It's been working great for years. All computers except one are running Windows XP SP2 (networking and sharing with XP is a PITA). The other computer is running Windows 98. Lately, I added a Linksys WAP54G access point.

    Problem #1. None of the computers on the network can now browse to any others. I can type the path to a network resource and successfully get to it. What can I do to get network browsing working again?

    Problem #2. I added a Belkin wireless card to the computer running Windows 98. This computer can get to the Internet, but cannot access any of the other computers on the network, even if I explicitly type the network path. It was working for a while, but suddenly stopped talking to the other computers. I can't even ping the other computers, although I can ping both the Linksys and the SMG boxes. I replaced the Belkin with the older wired network card and I can now reach the other computers again (but, like the rest of the computers on the LAN, cannot browse to them). Is this Belkin card bad? Is it the Linksys? If I can get to the Internet but not the other computers in the LAN, does that really indicated the card is bad? Why am I having so many problems with wireless? Why is this all so confusing?
  2. oopsibrokeit

    oopsibrokeit Network Guru Member

    is one/all of the machines running a firewall?
    are you sure the new card is set in the same ip range as the rest of the network?
    are any of the machines running internet connection sharing?

    all of the above will make your network exhibit the non-browseable condition.

    it's also worth having a look at the logs for the xp boxes and see if there are repeated errors along the lines of 'browse master errors' and 'an election has been forced on network XXX' that will give you some indication that your wired network is unhappy with it's config somewhere. I'm pretty convinced your wireless is down to incorrect network settings as well...
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