WAP54G connects to DLink DWL-2700AP

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by czeman, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. czeman

    czeman Network Guru Member

    We have been setting up a wireless network at work, using DWL-2700APs on towers. At first, we were using DWL-2100APs in AP Client Mode to connect our remote computers to the network. The 2100s turned out to be garbage. You can set an option several times and it's hit or miss as to whether it will actually take effect. I fought with one for 2 days before it started doing what I wanted it to do.

    We started looking for other options. I wanted to try the WAP54G, but Linksys told me it would only work in Client Mode with another Linksys access point or router, so I purchased a 3Com access point. The 3Com connected to the 2100 and worked great, but would not work with the 2700. I got desperate, and despite what Linksys told me, and I bought a WAP54G. It works great!

    My question is, why does Linksys say, even in the web interface, that it will only work with another Linksys access point or router? Is it simply to scare people into only purchasing Linksys? I can't imagine that it would be a support issue. They could just state that they won't support the product if it's being used to connect to an access point or router made by someone else.

    I'm just curious. :)

  2. loquique

    loquique Network Guru Member

    To encrypt or not to encrypt, that is the dilemma....

    Do you have the 2700 signal encrypted? Have you tried the WAP54G in client mode with a dlink ap encrypted? I do have tried it and it wont link, that is what i understand from Linksys, that any AP would link with another from a different brand as long as neither is encrypted 'cause you are working over standards (wifi -- 802.11b/g) therefore with no encryption they work seamless...

    Give it a try and then let me know

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