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WAP54G "How to Setup ? " PLZ HELP !

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Darkvador, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Darkvador

    Darkvador Network Guru Member

    Hi !!!!
    i want to create a Wireless lan between 2 PCs , with the distance of 200 m ( i have been told that WAP54G work until 500 m ).
    i have been told to buy WAP54G , and a lan card to connect te wap to the PC .

    1 Question : How should i setup that LAN using these devices ?

    2 question : when i wanted to test the WAPs i tested them in a distance of 1 m , one as a AP Client and the Other as an Access Point , it gave me 79 % Connection strenght , and the access Point PC was able to ping the Client one , but the Client one was not , is that normal ?

    3 question : After the test Thing , when i tryed in the 200 m Distance ( outdoor , in another building , Roof ) when i searched it again (AccessPoint , AP Client ) , the client was able to fing the Accesspoint , but whith Connection Strenght of 29% , and The ACCESS POINT Device was not able to ping the client one , is 29 % for a connection Enough ?

    4 question : What is "Bridge Mode " and how should i setup These 2 Pc into it ? when i bought the WAP the guy told me that u should made a bridge mode or something like that , would someone Pleaase explain me what it is and how ?

    5 question : is there any fimware that make the WAP Signal things go stronger ? and what are the MUSTDIE Firmware ?

    6 question : do u suggest me to upgrade from Ver2.7 to ver3.2 ?

    i dont know any thing about wirelessNetwork , so please HELP !
    for making the connection between these 2 PC work shoud i use AP Client and Access point , or the Bridge Thing Mode ?
    I want to be able to share data , and play Multiplayer games ,
    Please Help Me :cry:
  2. Deimdos

    Deimdos Network Guru Member

    1) yes

    2) mmm, i think i can make ping in both directions (now i can't test it)

    3) 29% is a weak conection and maybe unstable, i'd put 2 outdoor antennas

    4) bridge mode is to connect 2 WAP/WRT devices that they are very separated, a mode to bridge 2 wlan

    5) there are some, but now i'm with de last official (3.05 in a WAP54G EU)

    6) yes :), in my case runs better

    you would be able to play, internet,... i do it with a 1.5Km (1 mile aprox) connection :D

    PD: sorry about my english
  3. Darkvador

    Darkvador Network Guru Member

    Thanks but one more thing

    u said that i the BRidge mode , 2 PC can connect to each other , is there anyway to make it 3 ?
    thanks in advance .
  4. Deimdos

    Deimdos Network Guru Member

    Re: Thanks but one more thing

    i don't know it for sure, but if yo can't do it in bridge mode you can test in repeater mode.

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