WAP54G keeps dropping connection

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ador, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. ador

    ador Guest

    I use a WAP54g and 3 laptops connect wirelessly to it. The AP is connected to an office LAN which has the internet connection.

    From time to time the AP goes dead and drops the connection with the laptops. The strange thing is that through the cable connection of the AP you can connect to the web configuration. And sometimes a simple click
    of the "Save settings" link is enough to restore the wireless connections with the laptops. If this doesn't work the AP needs to be powered down and then up for it to work right again.

    This thing is driving us crazy and we are really thinking of replacing it with another AP. I did use netstumbler but our cards are such that no noise (red bars) is shown in the graph. I just get the green bars.

    I have tried different channels from time to time but still nothing.

    The thing is that the AP is lost even overnight when noone is in the office where the AP is located and no appliances or anything else is used, so in my opinion the interference cannot be the reason.

    Also the connection between the 3 laptops (through the wireless connection) is really slow!!! While we transfer files from computers in the office LAN in relatively fast rates, when we transfer files between the laptops (wirelessly connected) the rate is awfull!!!
    Does this have anything to do with CTS or sth?

    Sorry for being so long but this thing is really driving us crazy
    ANY help would be appreciated!
  2. oopsibrokeit

    oopsibrokeit Network Guru Member

    i know this one...

    There is no one answer to this problem, i've had it for about 2 months and it was driving me to distraction with users complaining at me every time i ventured out of the office.

    I've done 4 things and the connection is now stable for about a week at a time, which isn't too bad.

    1) get a pair of high gain antennas for the box, these really do help, the standard ones are basically a piece of coat hanger.
    2) flash with either 2.08 firmware from linksys or use the mustdie 2.07. I'm using mustdie and it's awesome, so i'd plump for that, *but* if it dies for any reason and you can't flash it back to official before sending it back you won't be able to send it back - this is an issue for some companies.
    3) select the highest channel you can in your area, i think it's 14 in the eu and 12 in the us.
    4) put the box somewhere nice and cool and airy - close to an aircon outlet is good!

    2a) if you use mustdie, try cranking up the power to the absolute max allowed in your area, it may not help, but it makes you feel better!

    also try turning on frame burst. and switching cts to auto. these can help with high throughput problems.

    do not despair, when you crack the right settings for your location the box is very well worth it!
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