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WAP54G need advice plz :)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by JSR, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. JSR

    JSR Guest

    I bought a wap54g a while ago for my work...
    As i can't reach the signal almost 15 meters (almost nothing between them it's between 2 house and they are in the windows) , from the wap54g , i upgraded to 3rd party firmware (mustdie 2.07) and then my wap54g died (paradox to mustdie name ;) )( not died but unreachable like everybody i see) to asjust the transmit power. I use also a linksys usb wifi g in order to connect with wap54g.
    As i see i can fix this problem :) , can you tell wich firmware is the best (because i think i won't upgrade when it will work ;) ) and what value i have to put in the transmit power in order to have a minimum bandwith in 15 meters ( cause i think 100% is forbidden by the law no?)
    thanks a lot !

    ps: if you have a good link that have all info for fixing the wap54g , it should be very nice , thx !

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