WAP54G random lock ups

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by andy_coster, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. andy_coster

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    My organization has a large number of wireless access points distributed throughout several sites. Most are WAP54G V3, but we also have a few older 3Com units.
    The access points are equally distributed between channels 1, 6 and 11, such that no two adjacent units share a channel. They all have the same SSID and encryption.

    This setup has been working perfectly until ~6months ago, when wer started to experience random lock-ups of the Linksys units. A particualr area of a building will complain of no wireless comms, and when we get there the access point will ben showing power and link LEDs but no act. Workstations can see the wireless network, but it does not seem to be able to pass any data. The web interface is also dead.

    The only way to recover from this is to cycle the power to the unit. The problem can occur once every few weeks, or a couple of times per hour! No particular unit is worse or better, and the problem can effect any one of the 40ish WAP54Gs we have.

    I have chatted online with a Linksys rep and this came to nothing!

    All units have latest firmware from Linksys website.

    Any ideas please?! Driving me crazy!!

  2. Netizen-Star

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    How big is the address range that the APs are apart of? How meny MAC addresses are apart of the layer2 segment? You might be hitting the max number of MAC addressing the low end APs' are capable of handling. When the capacity of the MAC table is reached, you get wierd networking, since the router/AP thinks the connecting device is not on the network. This condition remains until the connecting devices MAC address works its way back into the table during flushes or updates.

    Not saying thats what your problem is, but you might consider this. You might need to upgrade to a more corporate level AP like a cisco 1200 series.
  3. andy_coster

    andy_coster LI Guru Member

    APs are part of a 172.16.0.x address range, so 254 possibles. As far as the number of macs in layer2.... that would be upwards of 2000 i should think!
    Are you saying that there could be/is an upper limit for the amount of APs we can have connected in the same address range? At least the amount of low-end devices?
    Incidentally, there is no way we ever have more than about 20 wireless devices connected to one AP concurrently.
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