WAP54G testing (such as client WPA-PSK!)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Morrow, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Morrow

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    just a little info on my test setup, which is quite interesting i think.
    I bought two WAP54G's for testing purposes. After buggy versions of firmware I reflashed both with the 2.08 firmware and they seem to be running ok.
    USR8054 (AP)-> WAP54 (APclient) unsuccesfull, it doesn't ask for WEP security settings. (i will try some more setups later, like bridge mode) manual says that it will only work with a WAP or WRT. Wonder what happens if I flash the USR with the linksys firmware :)

    WAP54G (AP) -> WAP54 (APclient) succesfull with WEP encryption, it does ask for a key, but the "main screen" says that the encryption is disabled. But it works just fine.

    WAP54G(AP) -> WAP54 (bridge) succesfull in WPA-PSK mode! copy the MAC addres from clientmode and set the security to WPA on both. And I can still connect to the AP using another wireless client!!! looks like it's actually a kind of client mode.

    Hmmm, i should have 3 WAP's to try multipoint bridge. Anyone tried it?
    And did anyone try making a loop in bridge mode?
  2. Morrow

    Morrow Network Guru Member

    In my current setup WAP54G(AP) -> WAP54G(bridge) WPA-PSK, I need to reconnect manually on connection loss:

    A warm reset on the AP side after changing something (not the radioparameters of course but for example SNMP) will cause the link to go down in bridge mode. Then I need to do a warm reset on the bridge side too (just "save settings" will do a warm reset).

    This is problable due to the fact that there is no software functionality to reconnect and rebuild the link. (it's not XP trying to connect to anything around). Is this behaviour similar with other products using bridge mode?

    Cold resets (power off/on) however seem to work fine on both sides and rebuild the link.
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