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WAP54G using PEAP (WPA-Radius) with Cisco ACS server 3.3

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by haywood96, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. haywood96

    haywood96 Network Guru Member

    Can this be made to work?

    I already have a Cisco ACS 3.3 server working with LEAP, and would like to be able to use Linksys WAP54G's and authenticate with PEAP.

    I was able to get this to work once, but all other attempts fail with message "EAP-TLS or PEAP authentication failed during SSL handshake."

    I'm running Windows XP SP2, and have already installed the hotfix that was supposed to fix this problem (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;885453).

    Please help - I have to find a way to make these WAP54G's "secure" in an enterprise environment. The goal is to eventually migrate the LEAP network over to PEAP......I currently have 300+ Cisco 350 & 1200 WAPs deployed, but a recent budgeting decision has forced me to start using these Linksys boxes.
  2. haywood96

    haywood96 Network Guru Member

    I finally broke down and e-mailed Linksys support. Here is their official response:

    I was able to get it working on my network (although only briefly, as it seems to have broken over the weekend, requiring a reboot of the WAP, and a "reapply" of the settings to get it work again), so decided to e-mail them and let them know. Here is their second reply.

    I've heard that people were able to get this to work with older versions (2.06 and 2.07), so I guess I'm off to find an older version.

    Best I can tell, in v 2.06 & 2.07 it was called "WPA-Radius," but in the newer versions it is now called "WPA-Enterprise."

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