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wap54g with 7 led

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cabocloset, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. cabocloset

    cabocloset Network Guru Member

    I have one of the newer wap54g with 7 lights on the front, no version number on it. The power supply got lost in shipment, so i tried the power supply from my version 2. The center pin on the new unit is larger and will not accept the power adapter plug. I have a power supply from another device that I can power it up with, same polarity, can anyone tell me the power consumption of this device?
  2. Stellar7

    Stellar7 Network Guru Member


    First version of WAP54G (with 7 leds) uses 5 Volts.
    Newer versions (v2+ , with 3 leds) use 12 Volts.

    In your case (5 volts), + is in the center, - around

  3. cabocloset

    cabocloset Network Guru Member

    Thanks Steller, that info is helpful.

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