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  1. Datachasm

    Datachasm Network Guru Member

    i have had my wrt54g for around 6 months now. basically, i need to bridge 2 home lans in different rooms, without running a 100FT cat6 to do it. so i bought a second wrt54g, but after a bit of reading about the 3rd party firmware wars, decided i would just get an AP and play it safe. so i bought a WAP54G.

    so now it seems that the WAP54G cannot bridge to the WRT54G, it can only act as a repeater. from what i can tell, linksys would have me buy a WRT54G to handle routing and internet connections, and be the sole AP in the network, because the WAP54G can only bridge to another WAP54G, and when it does, its only purpose will be as a bridge and nothing else.

    so can someone please make some recommendations about my solution? can i bridge 2 switches hosting seperate networks with 1 WRT54G and 1 WAP54G?and if i can, will i be able to connect to either AP by laptop/wifi cards?

    i would have preferred using the stock linksys firmware, but i have tried HyperWRT on the WRT54G, and it is currently running Alchemy Rc5. the WAP54G is running linksys 2.08. i have not tried hyperWAP or any 3rd party FW on the WAP, as i am thinking the problem is with the WRT54G.
  2. Datachasm

    Datachasm Network Guru Member

    just posted this @ broadbandreports.com forums, and thought i would also leave it here for future reference...

    finally, got my config working...

    here is how it goes:

    WRT54G Linksys v3.03.6 firmware
    all settings default (autoconfig DHCP)
    firewall enabled
    security mode disabled (manage connectivity first)

    WAP54G Linksys v2.08
    set the WAP to autoconfig DHCP (if you lose the IP, run the setup disc again and it will detect it while the WAP is still plugged into the WRT)
    ensure that the Mode, SSID, and Channel match the WRT
    under AP Mode, select AP Client, go back the WRT interface, select Status, select Wireless, copy the MAC address from here and paste it into AP Client field in the WAP config.

    save settings, turn off the WRT and WAP.

    unplug the WAP from the WRT and plug it into your remote switch or hub (not the uplink port), plug in the WRT and let it boot, plug in the WAP and let it boot.

    you should now have internet access and file sharing over the AP Client.

    on the front panel, the power led is red, the act led is green, and the link led is yellow. thought i would add that, because i expected the link led to change to green after success.

    anyways, hope this helps prevent some headaches like the ones i got figuring it out...
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    I will add that under the AP Mode screen. you can set it as bridge mode and enter the MAC address of the wireless portion of the WRT54G and save your setting to use bridge mode. I have used stock Linksys 3.03.6 or HyperWRT 21b1 on my WRT54G. I tried using loading Sveasoft Achemy rc7a on my WRT54G, but it disabled the bridge mode. In bridge mode and repeater mode the WAP54G supports WPA-PSK. I would enable SSID broadcast on both the router and the access point. A WAP54G can bridge to a WRT54G regardless of what Linksys states. You do not have to have two WAP54Gs to use bridge mode.
  4. Datachasm

    Datachasm Network Guru Member

    i setup my wap54g as a wireless repeater this evening. my laptop can still connect wireless to the internet, and my remote network can surf the net. it appears that there is no file sharing going on, i cannot ping the remote network PC's and vice versa. no difference in implementation of security either. i tried setting up WPA and WEP; my wap54g will not stay on the same channel as the WRT. the WRT is set to channel 9, and the WAP54g always switched back to channel 6, and the security settings tab will switch back to disable.

    so the WAP and WRT are on seperate channels, internet works perfect everywhere, but network shares are dead (and likely LAN gaming). i am assuming that if i can get the channels to match, everything will work perfectly.

    ill probably switch back to AP Client mode; internet and network sharing work great, i just cannot seems to get the security working. thinking of testing 64bit WEP. i would not mind roamers surfing the net off of my AP's, but i do not want anyone accessing my networks or snooping my whereabouts.

    in wireless repeater mode, should the WAP be set with a static IP? mine is currently in DHCP auto.
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The WAP54G can either be set in DHCP auto or statiic in repeater mode. I use DHCP auto so I can see the WAP54G as a DHCP client. from my WRT54GX. The channel in repeater mode is not relevant, it simply repeats the signal of the Access Point or Router that you ented the SSID for and MAC Address. It really should say "auto" for the channel. It cut your bandwidth in half in repeater mode, since there is only one radio and it must receive and transmit the packets with its own MAC address. WPA-PSK only works in bridge or repeater mode.

    In bridge mode the client are hooked to the WAP54G through its Ethernet port and they do not use the radio to connect to the WAP54G. You would have to add a another WAP54G on a different channel and SSID to rebroadcast the signal to any wireless clients. Think of it as being used as a wireless NIC.

    In repeater mode the Ethernet port is not used and the WAP54G simply repeats the signal. This defeats MAC address filtering.

    In AP Client mode the radio only connects to the WRT54G and again the connection is through the Ethernet Port. You

    I am using my WAP54G as a bridge to a WRT54G running HyperWRT being used as an access point connected by a Ethernet cable toa a WRT54GX. I did this to get my WPS54GU2 so I can have WPA-PSK throghout my network, since the WPS54GU2 only supports WEP. The WRT54GX is the gateway and only communicates to a PC with a WPC54GX card in it. Everything else goes through the WRT54G v1, which has WPA-PSK TKIP. The WRT54GX is on channel 1 and the WRT54G v1 is on channel 11 with different SSID's. So this is done to keep mon-MIMO devices off the the WRT54GX ant to maintain is bandwidth for a work computer.
    Why are you on channel 9? Are you having an interference problem on 1, 6 or 11.
    As for letting other people surf the web through your connection. They are using your bandwidth that you paid for. Someone can be using p2p, or may use your internet connection to doing something illegal, or may be accessing or hosting child porn and they are using your IP Address and it can be traced back to you. So it is not a good idea, since you are the one that may be in trouble. It would be hard to provew that somelse is using your wireless connection to do something illegal. In addition it may violate the terms of use with your ISP. So use some sort of encryption.
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