WAP55AGv2 Default Gateway routing issue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scottnelson, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. scottnelson

    scottnelson Network Guru Member

    There is an issue with the WAP55AG v2 honoring it's default gateway setting.
    Linksys 3rd level is already looking into it via ticket: 050528-000784
    Since the Linksys website only shows the WAP55AG v1 on their website, looks
    like I got some of the first Version2 units.
    Version1 lists the latest firmware version at 1.07.1 .
    Version2 ( mine ) is at 1.1 .

    So for now, you will only be able to manage it via local subnet.
    So, if you can't "ARP" directly with it, you won't be able to icmp-echo (
    ping ) or manage it remotely.

    Anyway, just FYI...... ;-)

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