WDS and DHCP Addressing Questions

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by protrex, May 27, 2005.

  1. protrex

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    I am setting up a WRT54g based WDS distribution system at my school to wire a few remote buildings into the campus network. I currently and doing it with WET11s and WAP11s but this is incredibly ineffiencent (in channel use) and only 11b. The links are short enough that I shouldn't have a large problem establishing 54mbps links. I won't have any problems getting the physical wireless links in place, my problem comes in with DHCP addresssing.

    The current wired network has a 172.16.x.x addressing scheme and a subnet. A linux server assigns DHCP adresses to all wired computers on the network. The address - are assigned by this server.

    All wireless access points (mainly Apple Aiports) on the network assign IP address in different ranges so that any user can be pinpointed down to the access point they are connected to. This means that I know when I see 172.16.20.x I know that the person is connected to the library access point.

    The problem becomes with I can't get my head around DHCP addressing in a WDS system.

    The 3 buildings I am wirelessly linking into the network are within 300 ft of a building which has wired access to the network via Fiber. I have run Cat 5 to the roof of this building and I am going to install a WRT54g in a weatherproof box and power it via PoE. I want this access point to assign 172.16.40.x addresses to any wireless users directly connected to it (i.e. laptops in range).

    I will then setup a WDS link between 3 other WRT54g's which will be in range. I want these 3 WRTs to assign addresses in the 172.16.41.x, 42.x, and 43.x ranges respectivly to users connected to the Ethernet ports on these 3 WDS boxes and Wireless users connected to these boxes.

    I want to make sure that none of these routers "back assign" meaning they don't assign addresses to anyone on the wired network behind the wired WRT54g or any of the access points to assign DHCP to any other.

    I also would like to make sure that there is not NAT going on inside the routers since I wall all computers to be accesible to each other within the subnet.

    I know it's complicated, I could draw out a diagram if you would like.

    Can anyone set me straight and help me figure out how to set this up?

  2. AlexNeuman

    AlexNeuman Guest

    Similar setup

    I need to set up something similar in a rural setting and I'm still trying to wrap my head around WDS. Let me know if anybody helps you with this or if you get to figure it out. E-mail me at linksysinfo at nkpanama dot com.

    Thanks in advance...
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