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WDS/Client/Repeater/Bridge Modes

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by WirelessInn, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. WirelessInn

    WirelessInn LI Guru Member

    i am back here for some more advice.
    I have set up some wireless network & components to accomplish a few things around our businesses premises here - HomeOffice setup, a retail business, a B&B, all located near one another (Linksys switch, WET54G, WRT54G, Linksys hub, Linksys wireless card).
    I am now attaching another schematics about another project.
    My setup involves Satellite Internet via Direcway/Hughes (dynamic IP) >> WRT54G >> wired desktop/wireless laptop in HomeOffice/BLDG A >> wireless signal available to Guests at the B&B - BLDG B (on limited, convenience basis - our Inn has 8 rooms only, and Satellite broadband is not that ample!).
    So far, the signal covers the B&B rather well. However, I'd like to boost it somehow, at POINT X in my schematic.
    So, here is my questions:
    1. I am still confused as to the difference between WDS, Repeater, Bridging, Client modes insofar as allowing for installation of the proper piece of Linksys equipment at Point X in my schematic, allowing for better signal in BLDG B.
    2. What about doing so and having either or both Wireless and Wired connection available in BLDG B. I do understand that for example a bridge such as WET54G only bridge a connection, without re-broadcasting it wirelessly (I have installed a WET54G bridge elsewhere)
    3. If possible, I'd prefer to go standard firmware at first.
    4. Confused between the 4 Modes above? I still am at times! I was just looking up the Manual online for the WAP54G and in it the definitions for bridging and repeating were actually similar!
    I'll appreciate the info: I am slowly crawling from newbie to slightly advanced newbie THANKS TO such forums as this one!
    - Roger T

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