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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Everybody, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Everybody

    Everybody Network Guru Member

    I have two WRT54GSs, both running dd-wrt v23 sp1 build 3-14. They are connected wirlessly via wds, which is working fine. But, how can I assign a computer connected via ethernet on the slave router a static ip? I thought I could simply use the dhcpd on the master router, but it dosn't work, so I tried to use dhcpd on the slave, but that breaks wds.
  2. G_Styles

    G_Styles Network Guru Member

    I guess what you are trying to do is set a reservation? If you are trying to use a static IP, you don't use DHCP. You just set it on the computer.
  3. Everybody

    Everybody Network Guru Member

    No, you can set a static ip using the dhcp daemon.

    I can't set it the static ip on the computer, it's not mine. It's a work computer that I'm not allowed to change the settings on (can't vpn wirelessly, which is why I need the wds).
  4. G_Styles

    G_Styles Network Guru Member

    Not sure how to fix your problem. But there is technically no such thing as a static DHCP. However, who ever wrote thr WIKI called it static DHCP, which I guess is descriptive enough. The correct terminology is a DHCP reservation.

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