WDS Problem With Shibby 108 onward.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kim11, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. kim11

    kim11 Networkin' Nut Member

    Hi, first of all I'd like state my setup.

    Catch-tec CW5358u Wifi N 300mbps - Router main
    (BCM5357 @ 500mhz 8MB flash 32MB RAM) Shibby 108 BT-VPN

    Asus N10u Wifi N 150mbps - Router Sub
    (BCM5357 @ 300mhz 8MB flash 32MB RAM) Shibby 108 BT-VPN now Shibby 112)

    My Current network setup are as follows

    Router main
    WPA Personal
    Channel 1
    Link with

    Router sub
    WDS(WDS ethernet Bridge)
    WPA Personal
    Channel 1
    Link with

    At this setup, any wired client connected to Router Sub only gets 1.5 to 2MB/s worth of transfer speed from Wifi to LAN or LAN to Wifi.

    I've tested this on an i5 and an E350 both with Gigabit lan tested to transfer up to 60MB/s

    In the same spot and other parts of the house, I tested with a Ralink RT 5390 20mhz 72mbps for Wifi Throughput.
    Then I tried testing with other Wifi devices.

    I got 5MB/s LAN to Wifi or Wifi to LAN consistent on all of Wifi laptops.
    Then I tried to change channels
    Same effect
    Then I tested for signal strength.
    The router sub is located only 15 meters LOS from main router and Device list shows 65/65 rate

    Running out of options, I upgraded Router Sub to Shibby 112.
    Retried steps above and same results.

    Then I tried running Router Sub on WDS+AP mode.
    I got a transfer speed of 5.7MB/S Wifi to LAN and LAN to Wifi.

    Then I tested the laptops connected Wireless to Router Sub.

    I got 2-2.5MB/s transfer which was expected given the additional hop.

  2. kim11

    kim11 Networkin' Nut Member

    So I tried switching Router Sub(Asus N10u) to toastman latest.
    While the main router is still on Shibby 108


    Reconfigured from scratch and tried to use WDS mode again.

    This time I can get the full 5 to 5.8MB/s transfer in WDS mode and not WDS+AP.

    I wish this would be fixed in your next build.
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